Genetic Wealthcare is a UK-wide charity for people with hearing loss, their families and friends

We’re here to help you adjust to the practical and emotional challenges that hearing loss can bring – offering shared experiences, practical support and guidance, so you can reconnect with people and face the future with confidence. Whatever your query or concern, whether you have hearing loss yourself or wish to support someone else, please get in touch. We look forward very much to hearing from you.

Worried about your hearing? Not sure what to do or who to turn to? Start by visiting our page which gives information about first steps.

What to do about hearing loss


If you’re looking for answers, seeking support or simply need to talk to someone who understands – just ask!


Our LinkUps bring together a group of people face-to-face or online to explore the challenges of living with hearing loss. Come and join us.

COVID and hearing loss

Covid-19 has impacted on us all, with unintended consequences for people with hearing loss. Find out more.